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Poinsettia Exhibition




We invite you to come walk through the greenhouses, packed with over 50,000 poinsettias! You will get to see over 100 different varieties of poinsettias from two of the leading plant breeders in the world. You will see brand new varieties that you won't see anywhere else. 

Our third annual Poinsettia Exhibition event is back!

(previously called "Poinsettia Trials")

What is the Poinsettia Exhibition?


Poinsettia  breeders create new and classic varieties of poinsettias each year. We grow about 100 of each variety to showcase so that local growers can come see which ones they'd like to grow themselves. This year we have grown over 100 different varieties for this event to happen.

What will the event look like?

This one day event grants YOU exclusive access to our growing areas of the greenhouses, full of an array of spectacular colours, to see it all for yourself! You will be able to come behind the scenes and see the newest varieties up close. You will even have the chance to vote on your favourites! There will be Christmas lights, music, refreshments and photo opportunities! Admission is $15 per person. Cost of admission includes one FREE 6 inch poinsettia for you to take home and enjoy!


You may come anytime between 9am and 3pm.  


During your visit, you can explore our store which has 4 different sizes of poinsettias available, as well as assorted Christmas planters and tropical plants. Also available are wreaths, greenery and more! 

Be sure to also check out our local vendors who will be featured in our store for the Christmas season. We are excited to be welcoming a handful of new vendors this year, as well as a few who are returning.

Book your tickets now to experience the beauty of Christmas time in the greenhouse! Tickets will also be available at the door.

poinsettia trials
poinsettia trials
greenhouse full of poinsettias

Call Us Now! 604-855-3430

We are now CLOSED for the season! See you in November!

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