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Moss Baskets

We plant over 400 moss baskets each Spring in about 7 different, pre-set options. Pre-ordering for the moss baskets begins on opening day of our Spring season, which is at the beginning of April. When you come in-store, we can show you pictures of the different options and you can pick your favourite ones and we will add your name to the list. You must pay in full in order to reserve your baskets.


The earlier you come, the better the selection will be, as they sell fast. About 80% sell in the first two weeks and we are usually sold out before May. 

We will continue to grow your baskets until May, and we ask that they be picked up between approximately May 8 and May 21. When you pick up, we will fertilize your baskets for you with a slow release fertilizer that lasts 3 months. 

Moss Basket 1
Moss Basket 3
Moss Basket 4
Moss Basket 6

Call Us Now! 604-855-3430

We are now CLOSED for the season! See you in November!

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